Daihatsu CB (suit 3cyl Charade/Hijet) gilmer drive kit pulleys+belt

Normally aspirated $150set

Supercharger lo-boost $180set

Supercharger hi-boost $210set



gasket sets $40

fuel pumps $50ea

valves $50set

valve guides $30set

oil strainers $15ea

plastic timing covers $30set

water pipe $30



All parts available for CB


Daihatsu CB

ALLOY balance shaft gear

replaces crappy fibre unit

New Fibre $80

Aluminum $130


CB23/CB60 H-Beam Rods

Choice of 18mm/19mm

wrist pins



CB Gilmer pulleys


CB Cranks New




CB23/CB60 Cams New


CB23/CB60 Cylinder heads

New $240ea


CB oil pumps $60

sprockets $30pr/chain $20



Points to electronic

CDI conversion 3cylinder




Header Flanges